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Deportation Order Avoided

Published: Oct 25, 2007 By: Robert D. Kolken Source: My Source

Our client is a citizen of the Czech Republic.  He entered the United States legally a number of years ago and then overstayed.  Unfortunately, he got tangled up with a crooked immigration consultant, who provided him with real looking documents for a fee.  The client then opened a business, which he ran for a number of years.

He was encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls, New York after he was refused admission to Canada, and Immigration Court proceedings were instituted.  Robert D. Kolken, Esq. obtained voluntary departure for him by proving his payment of U.S. taxes as a mitigating circumstance to his utilization of improper documents.  The client will still be inadmissible for 10 years because of his unlawful presence, but will not be subject to the adverse effect of an Immigration Court Order.  The client returned to Prague because he wished to resume his life in his home country.


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