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Nonimmigrant Waiver of Inadmissibility Granted

Published: Nov 19, 2007 By: Robert D. Kolken Source: My Source

Our Canadian citizen client is inadmissible to the United States as a result of a 1993 conviction of possession of stolen property in Canada which makes him inadmissible for life.  He applied for a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility so that he could enter the United States for business or pleasure.  The grant of the waiver is discretionary with the Department of Homeland Security.

Robert D. Kolken, Esq. submitted a legal brief in support of his application.  The problem to be overcome was that the name of the company which employed him and which wanted to send him to the United States as a business visitor would lead one to believe that it was involved with the exporting of explosives.  The company is actually involved in the distribution of clothing and accessories for the action sports market.  After a considerable delay, the waiver was granted by the Admissibility Review Office.


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