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Client Ordered Deported Released from Custody Without Having to Post a Bond

Published: Dec 26, 2007 By: Matthew L. Kolken Source: My Source

We just got our client out of custody who was ordered deported in California in 1994.  The Court ordered her deported because she did not appear at her asylum hearing.  The reason our client did not appear was because Immigrantion provided the Court with the wrong address.  After applying for asylum our client notified Immigration of her new address where she received work authorization documents, as well as notice to attend preliminary hearings. 

Unfortunately, when her application was referred to an Immigration Judge for review the officer put the address listed on her asylum application, which at that point was more than 2 years stale.  The Court mailed her hearing notice to this address, rather than her current address so she never knew she had to appear in Court. 

Our client is married to a United States citizen, and has two United States citizen children.  We have file a motion to reopen her case with the Immigration Court in California. If this motion is approved our client will be able to apply for her Green Card.  Matthew L. Kolken is handling the case.

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