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Nonimmigrant Waiver Granted in Only Four Months

Published: Apr 18, 2008 By: Robert D. Kolken Source: My Source

Our Canadian citizen client is inadmissible to the United States as a result of convictions for breaking and entering, theft, and possession of stolen property. He wants to enter the United States to visit family and friends. We filed an application for a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility with the Admissibility Review Office of Customs and Border Protection.

In our brief, we pointed out that the convictions occurred more than 20 years ago, that our client is gainfully employed, and that an Immigration Judge had granted his application for withdrawal of admission upon his concession of inadmissibility in an Immigration Court proceeding brought against him in which we represented him, thereby sparing him a further ground of inadmissibility if an Order of Removal had been issued. The waiver was approved approximately four months after submission.

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