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Lacrosse Green Card

Published: Oct 5, 2005 By: Eric W. Schultz Source: My Source

Eric W. Schultz, Esq., obtained approval from US Citizenship and Immigration Services of an application for lawful permanent resident status on behalf of his client, a Professional Lacrosse Player in a prominent major professional Lacrosse league in North America.  The application was based on the player’s extraordinary ability in athletics, which is available to those athletes who have reached the top level of their sport.  While not limited only to the “most valuable player” in a sport, it is meant for athletes who have attained a sustained level of excellence. 

Eric secured approval for the player despite the relatively early status of his pro career by demonstrating the heights of success he has reached in his career to date, and thus overcame the “prejudice” in case law and administrative precedent against approval of these types of petitions by players who don’t yet have lengthy careers to review. 

Eric’s client petitioned on his own behalf without need for an offer of employment or “sponsorship” from a pro team, and did not need to obtain labor certification as a prerequisite for permanent resident status.  This is important, because the client now will be accorded lawful permanent resident status and sent his “Green Card” right away, and does not need to wait for the current backlog in labor certification-based permanent residence processing, which may take years to clear up.

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