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Trade NAFTA Denial Reversed

Published: Oct 1, 2008 Source: My Source

Our Canadian client is an Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and is a Certified General Accountant. She had been admitted in Trade NAFTA Professional status as an Accountant on four prior occasions. When she applied for her status a fifth time, she was denied because she had received a promotion to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of her employer, and U. S. Customs and Border Protection took the position that such position was managerial in nature and thus inconsistent with the duties of an Accountant.

She then retained our law firm. We were able to convince the port of entry that she was acting primarily as a Supervisory Accountant in charge of other Accountants working for the company, and showed that her duties would be consistent with the duties of an Accountant as set forth by the U. S. Department of Labor in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. We prepared a new application for admission with all of the appropriate supporting documentation, and had her reapply for admission in Trade NAFTA status as an Accountant at the same port of entry. The application was approved. It took less than two weeks to overcome the denial.

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