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Parole Granted to Inadmissible Canadian.

Published: Feb 16, 2009 Source: My Source

Our client is a Canadian citizen. He is married to a Canadian citizen and has three Canadian citizen children, two of which are dual U. S. citizens. He is employed by a city in Canada as a Business Systems Analyst. His 11 year old dual citizen son needs to attend a prep school interview and exam in the United States, which one of his parents must also attend.

Unfortunately, both our client and his wife are inadmissible to the United Sates because they had previously applied for asylum, which was denied, and they were ordered removed by an Immigration Judge, and they failed to depart pursuant to the order. When they entered Canada from the United States as landed immigrants, they had been unlawfully present in the U. S. for more than a year, and as a result, are inadmissible for ten years after their date of departure. They will be inadmissible until 2011.

Because it takes approximately six months for a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility to be adjudicated, we applied for humanitarian parole for a period of two days so that our client could enter the U. S. with his son to attend the interview and exam. We made a written application supported by appropriate documentary evidence to the U. S. Customs and Border Protection office having jurisdiction over the intended border crossing port of entry. The application was granted one day after it was received. The client and his son will be attending the interview and exam, and hopefully the boy will be accepted for admission at the school.

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