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Malaysian asylum permanent resident grant

Published: Feb 7, 2006 1:00 am Source: My Source

We successfully secured lawful permanent resident status for a client from Malaysia won political asylum before a U.S. Immigration Judge 4 years ago.  The client and his wife, who are of Chinese ethnicity, feared economic repression by the Malay-dominated government if forced to return to their country of citizenship.  The Judge agreed that the deprivation of economic opportunity to Chinese minorities by the Malaysian government and the preferential treatment by the government to the Malay majority constituted persecution on account of race and that the couple deserved protection in the United States. 

We also helped the couple be reunited with their children after the grant of asylum.  A year after having been granted asylum, the client applied for permanent resident status, and now he is a permanent resident who can remain in the U.S. and ultimately apply for naturalization as a US citizen if he chooses. 

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