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Abused Spouse Petition Approved for Citizen of New Zealand

Published: Jul 10, 2006 12:00 pm By: Matthew L. Kolken Source: My Source

Matthew L. Kolken has obtained the approval of an I-360, Petition for Abused Spouse, on behalf of his client, a citizen of New Zealand.

Mr. Kolken's client was married to a United States Citizen who completely isolated her from her friends and family, threatened her with physical abuse, raped her, and then blackmailed her with threats that if she contacted the Police she he would have her deported. 

After Mr. Kolken's client obtained an Order of Protection against her husband, the Abuser forged the client's signature on checks, emptied her bank accounts, broke into her email accounts, and attempted to extort money from her family.

Citizenship and Immigration Services made an initial determination that Mr. Kolken's client did not suffer from abuse that would qualify her for abused spouse status, but Mr. Kolken was able to provide enough information to overturn the Immigration Services' initial doubts.

Mr. Kolken's client is now the holder of a Green Card, and will eventually be eligible to apply for United States citizenship should she so chose.

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