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Deportation Avoided

Published: Jul 17, 2006 By: Matthew L. Kolken Source: My Source
Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. was able to avoid an order of “Deportation” for his client, a citizen of Mexico.  Mr. Kolken’s client snuck into the United States in 2004, and had remained in the country without detection until 2006.  Subsequent to coming to the U.S. the client received a misdemeanor conviction for possession of a false identification document.  The client has no other convictions of any sort anywhere else in the world.
After argument at trial, Mr. Kolken was able to convince the Immigration Judge that it was in the interests of justice to allow his client to pay for his own plane fare back to Mexico, thereby saving the United States taxpayer the expense of return airfare.  The Judge agreed and granted Mr. Kolken’s client Voluntary Departure for the maximum statutory period (120 days).  By granting Voluntary Departure Mr. Kolken’s client was spared the stigma of an Order of Removal (Deportation), which carries with it a ten-year bar.
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