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Hardship Waiver Approved for Client with Criminal Conviction

Published: Dec 22, 2009

Our client is a Canadian citizen. Unfortunately, she was inadmissible to the United States for life as a result of a criminal conviction for fraud.

A few years ago, she met a United States citizen through the internet. Over many emails, phone conversations, and visits in Canada, they fell in love, and he proposed marriage. At this point, our firm was retained.

Because of her criminal conviction, our client needed an immigrant waiver of inadmissibility, which requires a showing of extreme hardship to a United States citizen or LPR spouse. We prepared and filed a fiance petition with USCIS, which was approved.

We then submitted an immigrant visa petition package to a U.S. Consulate in Canada, and prepared a comprehensive hardship waiver package which stressed not only the hardships her U.S. citizen fiance would face if the waiver were denied, but also demonstrating that our client is a responsible and productive member of society, and that she is completely rehabilitated.

Our client’s hardship waiver has now been approved by the Department of Homeland Security, which means that the U.S. Consulate is now free to issue a visa. Upon our client’s admission to the United States, the happy couple will be married!

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