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Inadmissibility Problem Resolved in Less Than Six Hours.

Published: Apr 16, 2010 7:00 am

Our client is a prosperous Canadian professional.  Four years ago we had Immigration Court proceedings instituted against our own client because the Department of Homeland Security claimed that he was inadmissible for life allegedly for lying on a Trade NAFTA application. 

Our position was that the application lacked but one document which did not amount to either a fraud or a willful misrepresentation.  We won the case on his behalf and obtained an Immigration Court Order absolving him from any inadmissibility on the basis of fraud or misrepresentation, although a Removal Order having a life of five years was issued as a result of the documentation inadequacy.

Thereafter, we applied for and received Permission to Reapply prior to the expiration of the five years from U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.Our client then applied for admission at Pearson Airport as a visitor for pleasure, and was told that he was still inadmissible for life, notwithstanding the Immigration Court Order and Per-mission to Reapply. 

We immediately contacted the Chief of U. S. Customs and Border Protection at Pearson Airport and e-mailed him the documentation necessary for his review of the decision.  Upon review, the Chief agreed with our position and authorized our client’s admission into the United States.  We were very professionally treated by U. S. Customs and Border Protection.


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