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BIA grants emergency stay of removal and stopís clientís imminent deportation

Published: Nov 21, 2006 By: Eric W. Schultz Source: My Source
The Board of Immigration Appeals stopped a client’s imminent removal and granted a joint motion to reopen that Eric W. Schultz, Esq., arranged.  The client, ordered removed 2 years ago, was arrested by U.S. Immigration at her interview on her marriage to a U.S. citizen in Florida in early October.  Eric was then brought into the case, and through negotiation with U.S. Immigration, secured their agreement to join in a motion to reopen her removal order to allow her a chance to apply for a green card based on the marriage.  Despite the government’s agreement to join in the motion, the client remained detained and preparations for removal continued.  The Board of Immigration Appeals granted Eric’s emergency stay request within 4 hours of the request, and within 2 days of the emergency stay request being granted, granted the motion.  The client can now have her application for lawful permanent resident status considered.


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