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Continuance Granted on Humanitarian Grounds

Published: Dec 8, 2006 By: Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. Source: My Source

The Honorable Immigration Judge Montante, Jr. granted our clients a humanitarian continuance today which will extend their stay in the United States for at least an additional 8 months. Our clients have overstayed their visa status, and are not eligible for any form of affirmative relief from deportation.

The Immigration Judges have been under strict scrutiny with respect to their case completion deadlines, which have severely restricted their ability to exercise discretion in granting continuances on cases before them. 

Ignoring the detriment to himself, Judge Montante favorably exercised his discretion on behalf of our clients on humanitarian grounds.

Judge Montante based his decision on the fact that our clients have a United States citizen child that was born with a rare disease known as Klinefelter's Syndrome.  The child is being treated for the disease, and Judge Montante granted our request for a continuance for the third straight time despite the pressure he is under to clear his docket of long standing cases. 

The Office of Chief Counsel graciously did not oppose our request for another continuance, the granting of which enables our clients to remain in the country to oversee their child's treatment.

Our Clients give their thanks to both the Immigration Judge and to the Office of Chief Counsel for their generosity during this Holiday Season.

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