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Client Granted 2nd Green Card

Published: Jan 11, 2007 Source: My Source

We obtained another Green Card on behalf of one of our Canadian citizen clients.  Although this is not unique in and of itself, there were some extenuating circumstances that made this grant interesting. 

Our client is married to a United States citizen, and already had a Green Card, but was placed in Immigration Court proceedings because Citizenship and Immigration Services charged her with abandoning it. 

Our Client had been living in Canada with her husband who had accepted a position as a professor with a Canadian University, and had been living in Canada for a number of years.  While in Canada she did not maintain a residence in the United States, nor did she return to the United States for any meaningful period of time.

Matthew L. Kolken was able to arrange for Immigration Court proceedings to be terminated after conceding that his client had in fact abandoned her Green Card because of the time she had lived outside of the United States, and because of her failure to maintain meaningful ties to the country after her departure. 

Mr. Kolken was then able to arrange to have his client paroled back into the United States on the same day that his client's Green Card was terminated by the Immigration Court so that she could immediately apply for a new Green Card once back inside of the country.

The client’s husband had taken a new job inside the United States, and Mr. Kolken argued that it would cause an extreme hardship to her husband if she was not allowed to return to the United States with him.  

Citizenship and Immigration Services agreed to parole Mr. Kolken’s client back into the United States, and we then filed a new Green Card application on her behalf, which was approved in six months.

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