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Labor Certification Approval for Advanced Degreed Engineer

Published: Mar 21, 2007 Source: My Source
A labor certification application filed with “Reduction in Recruitment” processing to allow a local firm offer permanent employment to a Mechanical Engineer with a Ph.D. in his field was approved by the Labor Department after the demonstration that the client needed a mechanical engineer with at least a Master’s Level degree, and that no U.S. workers were interested in or qualified for the job.  The company, which specializes in invention and production of medical diagnostic equipment, has immediately filed a petition to classify the employee as an “Employment Based Second Preference Alien” and for the employee’s adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident, as there is no backlog for Advanced Degreed Professionals to apply for “Green Cards” once a labor certification is approved.  The employee’s wife and 20 year-old son also filed for permanent resident status as derivative beneficiaries.


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