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Green Card and Waiver Application Approved

Published: Apr 18, 2011 8:00 am

Our client is a citizen of Malaysia who was admitted to the United States, but unfortunately overstayed her status and accrued more than one year of unlawful presence. She was selected for the Diversity Visa Lottery, and filed an application for a green card in 2005. Because of her unlawful presence, however, her application was denied, and she was found to be inadmissible to the United States.

She then met and fell in love with a United States citizen. The couple was married in February of 2009. At this point, she retained our office to prepare a Petition for Alien Relative, Application to Adjust Status, and a waiver application for the unlawful presence, based on the extreme hardship our client’s United States citizen husband would suffer if her green card application were denied.

We assisted our client in gathering the documentation necessary to support the petition and applications. We prepared and submitted all of the forms and documentation, along with our legal brief in support of the waiver application. Our client and her husband were scheduled for an interview three weeks ago, for which we prepared both of them. Her green card was approved this week! She will be eligible to apply for United States citizenship in three years.

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