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Citizenship Application Approved in 3 Months

Published: Feb 3, 2012 11:20 am

Our client was born in India. We have represented him for over ten years. Prior to our representation, he married a United States citizen and became a permanent resident as a result of that marriage.

Because he was married for less than two years at the time he became a permanent resident, his status was only valid for two years.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out and the parties were divorced because of the cruel and inhuman treatment of our client by his former wife.

At this point we were retained and applied for a waiver of the requirement that a petition be filed by both a husband and wife in order to extend permanent resident status indefinitely. We provided numerous exhibits, including a statement from his former mother in-law, showing that he had entered into the marriage in good faith. We appeared with him at the interview and his lawful permanent resident status was extended indefinitely.

Ten years later, he retained us to apply for naturalization as a citizen of the United States. We prepared an extensive application, which included court records concerning two minor criminal convictions. We showed that these convictions did not impugn his good moral character because one was for being under the influence of alcohol in a United States park, and the other was for a minor traffic violation, neither of which were crimes involving moral turpitude.

We provided all of his IRS tax return transcripts and tax returns, court documents showing that he had no obligation to support his former wife, and letters of reference on his behalf, among other things.

We prepared him for the Naturalization Examination and attended the same with him. His application was approved in three months, and he is now a citizen of the United States.

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