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L-1A Executive Approved Despite Criminal History without a Waiver in One-Hour

Published: May 14, 2012 11:00 am

Our client is a Canadian citizen. He is the owner of a Canadian trucking company, and is in the process of starting a U.S. trucking company to compliment his Canadian business.

The U.S. business requires his hands-on presence at this time. He hired us so that he would be able to work legally in the United States.

He disclosed to us that he had been convicted of two relatively minor offenses in Canada a few years ago, both arising out of the same incident. Other than this blemish on his record, he has been an outstanding citizen, businessman, and family man.

We fully investigated the nature and extent of his business interests and his criminal record. We determined that the crimes of which he was convicted did not constitute grounds of inadmissibility to the United States. We found that he was eligible to apply for L-1A status as an Intracompany Transferee as an Executive.

We had the startup U.S. company petition on his behalf. We prepared a compelling package for presentation at the border under the NAFTA. We disclosed and dealt with his criminal record in our written presentation. We prepared him for his inspection at the border. We appeared with him to answer any questions concerning his eligibility, if necessary.

His L-1A status was approved in approximately one hour. A Form I-94 authorizing his admission into the United States and employment by his U.S. company was issued. The client is now running the U.S. company and employing U.S. workers.

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