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Published: May 1, 2013 8:00 am

Our client is a Canadian citizen. He is employed as Vice President of Strategic Business Development for a Canadian IT consulting firm, and was previously approved in L-1B status on behalf of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States.

Following the approval of an initial L-1B petition, a reorganization of the corporate structure took place whereby the U.S. company became an affiliate of the Canadian corporation. The U.S. company desired to continue to employ our client, whose previous employment has been highly beneficial to the company’s growth and success in the United States.

As a result of his employment on behalf of the U.S. and Canadian companies as Vice President of Strategic Business Development, we determined our client remained eligible for L-1B Specialized Knowledge status, and possibly L-1A Executive/Managerial status.

We advised the company what documentation would be needed to have a renewal petition approved on his behalf. We worked closely with the company to expedite the preparation of the petition because our client’s services were quickly needed by the U.S. company.

We prepared a compelling package for submission at the border under NAFTA. We prepared our client for inspection at the border and appeared with him in the event that any problems arose.

His status was approved in approximately one hour. Our client was not required to pay the $500 Anti-Fraud Fee, despite not being able to find the filing fee receipt from the initial L-1B petition.

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