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Published: Nov 13, 2013

Our client is a Canadian citizen.  He is the Retail Store Manager of a small, independently owned and operated convenience store in Canada having only 5 employees.  The Canadian corporation that operates the convenience store recently incorporated an affiliate company in the United States, which is in the process of purchasing and operating a gas station and mini supermarket.  The U.S. company requires our client’s hands-on presence at this time.


As a result of his managerial employment abroad as Retail Store Manager of the Canadian company, and his proposed executive employment as Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. company, we determined that our client was eligible for L-1A status as an Intracompany Transferee.  We had the startup U.S. company petition on our client’s behalf.  We advised the company what documentation would be necessary to have a petition approved.  We prepared a compelling package for submission at the border under the NAFTA.


We prepared our client for his inspection at the border and appeared with him in the event that any issues arose.  We convinced the Inspector and Supervisor that our client’s duties abroad were managerial in nature despite the store’s small size and that the store would remain open and viable notwithstanding his transfer.

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