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Trade NAFTA Management Consultant Status Approved Based on Experience

Published: Sep 5, 2014

Our client is a Canadian citizen with a long and successful career in the field of customer service.  She has over 40 years of experience as customer service representative, but does not hold a university degree.

A small health care company in the United States desires our client’s services as a management consultant.  The company wishes to improve its customer service practices, and contracted with our client to provide advice to its managers and employees on how to provide better customer service to its patients.

Based on our client’s extensive career in the customer service industry, we determined that she qualifies for Trade NAFTA status as a management consultant on the basis of her employment experience.  We advised our client and the company what documentation would be necessary to have an application approved.  We prepared and assembled a compelling application package supplemented by 12 exhibits showing her eligibility for Trade NAFTA status.  We prepared her prior to her inspection at the port of entry and appeared with her in the event that any issues arose.

The application was approved without difficulty.  Our client is pleased with the results.

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