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TN Management Consultant Status Approved Based on Experience in Less than One Hour

Published: Sep 15, 2014

Our client is a Canadian citizen with over 22 years of experience in the administrative and operation of gaming establishments.  She previously worked in the United States in L-1A status on behalf of a United States company as Administrator of the company’s U.S. gaming facility.

The same company wished to contract our client’s services to provide management consulting advice concerning state gaming regulations, the preparation of yearly audits, and submission of documentation to the company’s accountants and attorneys.  Although our client does not hold a university degree, we determined she qualified for Trade NAFTA status on the basis of the experience she gained while being employed as Administrator of the company’s gaming facility.

We advised our client and the company concerning the necessary documentation to have an application approved on our client’s behalf.  The application we prepared for our client was supplemented with 7 exhibits showing her eligibility for TN status as a Management Consultant.  We prepared our client prior to her inspection at the port of entry and appeared with her when her application was presented.  The application was approved for the maximum period of three years after an inspection that lasted less than one hour.  Our client is obviously pleased with the results.

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