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Fifth Consecutive Nonimmigrant Waiver Granted

Published: Sep 29, 2014

Our client is a Canadian citizen and well-respected member of his community.  Many years ago, he was expeditiously removed from the United States as a result of committing a fraud when attempting to enter the U.S.  Thirteen years ago, he retained our firm to solve his immigration issues so he could enter the United States as a visitor for pleasure to visit his elderly United States citizen parents, and the rest of his family.

After we were first retained, we filed a nonimmigrant waiver application and our client was granted his first waiver.  Since that time, we have had waivers approved on his behalf on three other occasions.

Prior to the expiration of our client’s last waiver, we prepared a compelling renewal application on his behalf.  Each waiver application prepared by our office is supplemented with appropriate documentary evidence and a comprehensive legal brief, specifically addressing our client’s individual circumstances.  Less than three months after our client filed his renewal application, the Admissibility Review Office approved the renewal waiver for a period of five years, the longest possible period granted by the ARO.  He can now apply for admission to the United States without further delay to visit his family.  Our client is obviously pleased with the results.

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