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Sudan TPS Extension Q&A

Published: Aug 15, 2008 By: USCIS Source: My Source
USCIS Announces 18-Month Extension of Temporary Protected Status for Nationals of Sudan

Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) Extended through May 2, 2009

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it will extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to nationals of Sudan or people having no nationality who last habitually resided in Sudan. The extension will last 18 months, through May 2, 2010. This extension does not apply to citizens of Sudan who entered the United States after Oct. 7, 2004. Certain nationals of Sudan who have not previously applied for TPS may be able to apply under the late initial registration process.

Q. What is TPS?

A. TPS is a temporary immigration status granted to eligible nationals of certain countries (or persons without nationality who last habitually resided in the country) designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security because those countries are experiencing temporary negative conditions, such as armed conflict or environmental disasters, that make it difficult for the nationals to return in safety or for the countries to accept their return. See INA, § 244. TPS beneficiaries are granted a stay of removal and work authorization for the designated TPS period and for any extensions of the designation.

Q. Who is eligible to re-register for TPS for Sudan?

A. The extension covers an estimated 500 Sudanese who have already applied for and received benefits under TPS since the Oct. 7, 2004 re-designation. Each re-registrant must:

1) Be a national of Sudan, or an alien without nationality who last habitually resided in Sudan;

2) Have continuously resided in the U.S. since Oct. 7, 2004;

3) Have been continuously physically present in the U.S. since Oct. 7, 2004; and

4) Meet certain other admissibility and eligibility criteria as specified by the Immigration and

Nationality Act (INA).

Q. What is the re-registration period?

A. Applicants must file during the 60-day re-registration period (Aug. 14, 2008 through Oct. 14, 2008).

Failure to apply during the re-registration period may result in a withdrawal of TPS benefits. DHS strongly encourages applicants to file as early as possible within the re-registration period.

Q. What is the procedure to apply for the TPS extension?

A. Sudanese currently registered under TPS who desire an extension must re-register by filing both an Application for Temporary Protected Status (Form I-821) and an Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765),
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