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Latinos Deported at a Higher Rate than Any other Group

Published: Oct 21, 2011 10:15 am

Earlier in the week we found out that Latinos are being targeted for deportation at a disproportionately higher rate.

Today we learn that Latinos are also being deported at a disproportionately higher rate than any other group.  

Par for the course.

Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) has conducted a case-by-case analysis statistics from the first ten months of FY 2011 finding that immigration judges ordered the deportation of 70.5% of all cases instituted. These deportation statistics include voluntary departures. As I've said before, voluntary departure is a euphemism for voluntary deportation, because people granted voluntary departure have to leave the Country, and there is nothing voluntary about it.

TRAC further determined that only 29.5% of all cases did not result in deportation.  From January to July 2011, the proportion of individuals that obtained relief from removal declined below 30%, subsequently resulting in a higher proportion of deportations.

What I found most telling about TRAC's finding is the percentage of Hispanics/Latinos who were ordered deported. Specifically:

  • Mexicans were ordered deported at a rate of 86.8%;
  • Hondurans were deported at a 84.4% deportation rate;
  • Guatemalans at 81.8%; 
  • El Salvadorans 69.5%; and 
  • Bolivians 67.7%.

Is this "Change" you can believe in?

Moreover, if you find yourself in deportation proceedings you better hope you are in New York City.  TRAC found that only 28.8% of all people before the New York immigration Court were ordered deported.  Miami was second with 40.3% of all cases ending in deportation, followed by Philadelphia with 42.7%. Rounding out the top five are Portland, Oregon 46.1% and Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, with 46.2%.

On the flip side, seven Immigration Courts ordered the deportation of 90% or more of all cases.  

Here are the worst five:

  • Lumpkin, Georgia Immigration Court (98.8%)  
  • Tucson Immigration Court (96.9%)
  • Oakdale Immigration Court (96.2%)
  • Houston-Detained Immigration Court (94.0%) 
  • Eloy Immigration Court (91.3%)

I wonder if the Judges in these Courts are complying with their affirmative obligation to inform individuals of any apparent forms of relief from removal that may be available. See 8 C.F.R. § 1240.11(a)(2) (providing that an Immigration Judge shall inform an alien of his or her apparent eligibility for specified forms of relief, including cancellation of removal, and provide an opportunity to make such an application).

Maybe it is about time to subject these Courts a review.

TRAC has compiled full details about how Immigration Judges handled deportation cases through the end of July 2011. The information compiled includes the type of charge, the nationality of the individual involved and the location of each action, by state, Immigration Court and hearing location. Check it out.

I know I have said this before, but I highly recommend that you consider donating to TRAC.  They are the first line of defense in keeping this administration honest. Thank you TRAC for all of your hard work!

So this is the bottom line, the statistics reveal that this President and his administration are waging war against the Hispanic/Latino community, and that Latino families are being disproportionately destroyed by this administration through the deportation of one or more family members.

Whatever happened to this guy:

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