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Obama Administration set to Deport DREAMer Jose "JB" Librojo this Saturday

Published: Nov 10, 2011 9:00 am

The Obama administration plans to deport DREAMer Philippine born Jose “JB” Librojo this Saturday (November 12, 2011).   JB came to the United States with his parents as a child.  The family came here legally, but their visas were not renewed in 2005.  

JB has a degree in biology from San Francisco State University, has no criminal record, and has an employer who has filed an immigrant petition on his behalf.  I assume that he is ineligible to apply for his Green Card as a result of the accrual of unlawful presence in the United States and the unavailability of a waiver.  I don't have these facts, however, but will post an update if new information becomes available.

Just one more example of this Administration's unwillingness to consider the very guidelines that they have established for the favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

More lip-service from the Deporter in Chief.

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