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State Legislator Proposes Immigration Initiative in California

Published: Dec 5, 2011 9:30 am

The Sacramento Bee reports that last Friday State Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar, filed an initiative that is being billed as a "moderate, common-sense approach" to immigration reform in the State of California.  The initiative would create "safe harbor" and "exceptions" to Federal law that prohibits employers from hiring individuals that lack immigration status or employment authorization.

The proposal would apply to undocumented immigrants living in California for four years, and who pay a fee.  Individuals must speak, or be in the process of learning English.  An individual would be excluded from consideration if they have a felony conviction, or are a suspected terrorist.

The measure requires 504,760 voter signatures to be placed on the ballot for consideration by California voters.  It has been alleged that $325 million in tax revenue would be generated from the legalization of undocumented workers.

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