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In Campaign Mode Obama Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Published: Jan 25, 2012 9:00 am

In full-fledged campaign mode in his State of the Union address the Deporter-in-Chief once again dangled the immigration reform carrot.

Here is the footage:

Anyone buying it?

As I have said before, where is the leadership?  Why is this President unwilling to release a framework for immigration reform in order to garner public support?  Don't permit the do-nothing election-year Congress to continue to ignore the issue for the last quarter of your Presidency.  Shame both parties into taking action.  Release an actual plan for reform, and let the pollsters do their job. Let things happen.  Be the ball.  That's what a leader does.  

Mr. President, you weren't elected to stand in front of the American people to say that you are for something.  You were elected to effectuate Change. To do something.

It's time to show us the money.

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