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Illinois House of Representatives to Vote on Bill to Block Privately Run Immigration Jails

Published: May 3, 2012

In a 7-4 vote, the Executive Committee of the Illinois House of Representatives has advanced Bill SB 1064 to a floor vote.  The Bill seeks to block construction of a privately run immigration detention center located south of Chicago, as well as prohibit private firms from running detention centers in Illinois.

In Illinois, the management of the criminal detention facilities may only be overseen by the government.  Should SB 1064 become law civil detention centers utilized by ICE to lock up undocumented immigrants awaiting deportation would have to be run by the government, and not private contractors.  Something tells me that if this Bill becomes law there will be exponentially fewer immigrants locked up in the great State of Illinois.

The proposed law specifically targets a contract negotiated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) who intends to erect a detention center that would hold 788 ICE detainees.  CCA is the same company that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is backing over her constituents who oppose the building of a detention facility in her district.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear more.

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