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DREAMer Amelio Flores Facing Deportation for Being Brown

Published: May 4, 2012 9:30 am

I just receieved the following email from DREAMer Amelio Flores, a victim of racial profiling, who is currently facing deportation.  I felt compelled to post it here in the hope that people will take action by signing his petition asking the Obama administration to exercise prosecutorial discretion in his favor.

"My world turned upside down the day after I turned twenty. After celebrating my birthday with friends I was waiting for my ride home, when the police approached me. Without cause, they moved to arrest me and I resisted-- I was nervous and I didn’t understand why I was being arrested.  Because of this misunderstanding, I was sent to jail for resisting arrest.

I am paying a heavy price for being brown.  I am now facing deportation. Demand justice with me and tell the Department of Homeland Security to exercise prosecutorial discretion in my case. 

I was put into deportation proceedings through the 287g program in my county, which allows police to racially profile and behave like ICE. After a long week in jail, ICE set a bond for me that would take away all the college savings I had worked so hard for.

I haven't given up! I was the first one in my family to graduate from high school. My dream is to continue my education and study education or psychology in college. I know that I can achieve my dreams and continue to give back to my community if I am allowed to remain in the only country I consider home.

Please sign my petition and demand for prosecutorial discretion and justice in my case.

While I was in jail my biggest fear was not seeing my family ever again and having to go back to a country I barely remember. In detention I saw hundreds of other undocumented men having to leave their children and families behind. Please stand for justice with me and the thousands who are facing the same situation as I me as a result of the 287g and Secure Communities programs.

With gratitude,

Amelio Flores"

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