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ACLU of Georgia Charges Obama Administration with Serious Violations of Immigrant Detainees’ Human and Constitutional Rights

Published: May 18, 2012 7:30 am

The ACLU of Georgia has released a 182 page report charging the Obama administration with serious human and constitutional rights violations in immigration detention facilities in the State of Georgia.

The report "Prisoners of Profit" is dedicated to the memory of Roberto Medina Martinez (1969-2009) and all immigrants who have perished in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

The ACLU found that ICE’s aggressive “Operation Endgame” goal of deporting all removable aliens by 2012 has overloaded the already overcrowded immigration court dockets, and immigrant detainees’ due process rights are being violated, both in immigration court and at the detention facilities.

The report highlights the following concerns relating to:

  • Abuse of Power, including verbal and physical abuse, and retaliatory behavior from guards
  • Due process concerns during the removal process
  • ICE officers and Immigration Judges coercing detainees to sign stipulated orders of removal
  • Non-Citizens are being detained in excess of a presumptively reasonable times
  • Inadequate medical and mental health care, and unreasonable delays in provision of care
  • Treatment of detainees with mental Disabilities is punitive rather than care oriented
  • Conditions for attorney visits are inadequate and raise attorney/client violations
  • Inadequate cell conditions
  • Transfers take detainees away from family and community
  • Imposition of punitive segregation units
  • Hygiene concerns, including food concerns.

How many reports need to be released before this administration takes steps to eliminate the human rights violations that are a hallmark of the immigration detention system.

I'm sure it will be a "top priority" for the administration if Obama wins a second term.


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