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Former Manhattan DA Breaks Down Obama's "Assault on Immigrants"

Published: Apr 29, 2014 By: Matthew L. Kolken

Former Manhattan district attorney Robert M. Morgenthau penned a powerful OpEd in yesterday's New York Daily News that breaks down the Obama administration's "assault" on immigrants and immigrant communities.

He writes "President Obama has promised to deport only the 'criminals' and 'gang bangers.' But numbers speak louder than words." That they do. So what are the numbers? 

Only 12% of all individuals deported in 2013 were convicted of a "serious" crime, and over 100,000 of the convictions were either traffic violations or immigration related misdemeanors. Mr. Morgenthau further observed that 2013 was no outlier, as the number of immigrants deported for traffic violations in 2013 increased by a staggering 191% as compared to President Bush's last year in office. 

Regular readers of this blog are already well aware that the President's definition of "criminal" is about as clear as Sarah Palin's view of Russia. That said, it is nice to know that the veil is being lifted for others to see that the Obama administration is intentionally utilizing the Secure Communities program as a primary tool to deport immigrants that were merely arrested for minor offenses, regardless of whether that arrest ever materialized into a conviction that has immigration consequences. 

Humane deportations and all.

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