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Statistics Show Obama Administration is Arresting Immigrants at Unprecedented Levels

Published: Jan 26, 2015

The U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released a report confirming what I have long been saying: the Obama administration is targeting immigrants for prosecution at unprecedented levels in order to bolster criminal deportation statistics to the benefit of serious criminals.

From the report:

The number of federal arrests declined from 179,034 in 2010 to 172,248 in 2012. The decline in arrests was due to decreases across several offense types, including property (down 3,381), drug (down 2,786), and supervision violations (down 2,607). During this period, arrests for immigration offenses increased by 3,203. Illegal immigration (50%) was the most common arrest offense in 2012, followed by drug (15%) and supervision (13%) violations. From 2010 to 2012, arrests for regulatory offenses increased from 266 to 300 (average annual increase of 6%). Sex offense arrests increased at the next fastest rate (up 3% per year), followed by immigration offenses (up 2%). During this period, fraud offenses (down 10% per year) declined the most, followed by other property (down 6%) and supervision (down 5%) offenses.

Syracuse University's TRAC Immigration compiles more recent statistics. They have found that during FY 2014 the Obama administration reported 86,574 new immigration prosecutions. TRAC also found that prosecutions for immigration related crimes under the Obama administration are up 129 percent from 2004, and up 1,406 percent from 1994.

Remember when President Obama said deportations of "criminals" are up 70 percent under his administration? Well, now you know why.

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