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Automatic USCIS Case Status Updates (Via Email or Text)

Published: Feb 10, 2013 11:59 pm

Sign-up for Automatic Immigration Case Updates

USCIS Customers (applicants or petitioners) and Representatives (such as lawyers, charitable groups, or corporations) who require regular access to status information about multiple cases can create an account to more conveniently access this information. The services provided to both account types are identical, except Representatives may also enter their own internal office tracking number with each receipt number.

In addition, USCIS Customers and Representatives can choose to receive automatic case status updates, which will be sent via e-mail. A new pilot program provides the additional option to receive a text message notification that a case status update has occurred, which will be sent to a United States mobile phone number. USCIS Customers and Representatives that select the option to receive the text message notification acknowledge that Standard Messaging Rates or other charges related to these notifications may apply.

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