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Detained and Abused

Will the federal government provide illegal immigrants the same protections as prisoners from sexual abuse?

Published: Feb 3, 2012 11:00 am By: Catherine Rentz

"The Government Accountability Office has agreed to launch an investigation into sexual abuse at U.S. immigration detention centers, following recent reports of abuse and a request from 30 members of Congress that GAO conduct an inquiry. The announcement comes as the Obama administration decides whether it will include immigrant detainees, the fastest-growing incarcerated population in the country, in pending regulations on prison rape prevention due out early this year.

Officials in the Justice and Homeland Security departments have been debating whether the new regulations, which will be enforced by DOJ, should cover immigration detention centers, which are under DHS jurisdiction. Human-rights activists, angered by the internal debate, say that Congress intended Justice to include immigrant detainees in its new regulations and are calling on the White House to intervene in the matter."

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