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Border Patrol union decries hiring of immigrant ‘public advocate’

Published: Feb 8, 2012 5:00 pm By: Jerry Seper-The Washington Times

"The Obama administration’s appointment of a “public advocate” for illegal immigrant concerns about law enforcement policies makes a “mockery of the laws of the United States,” the National Border Patrol Council said Wednesday.

“The Obama administration took its next step toward amnesty for illegal aliens by naming an advocate for illegal aliens and those concerned about immigration issues,” said NBPC Vice President Shawn P. Moran, whose group represents all 17,000 non-supervisory U.S. Border Patrol agents. “Amnesty is not the answer to the immigration problems of the United States and should not be an option.

“What is next? Will drug dealers band together decrying their prosecutions in one voice?” said Mr. Moran, himself a veteran Border Patrol agent. “Will these unlicensed pharmacists be given an advocate and the DEA ordered to release these criminals?”"

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