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Hundreds rally against immigration law

Published: Feb 15, 2012 11:30 am By: Brian Lyman

"Irma Alvarez and her niece, Carmen Espi­noza, moved to Alabama from southern Cali­fornia a few years ago to enjoy "small town life."

"(California) was a really crazy environ­ment, kind of rough," Espinoza said. "We heard it was really peaceful out here, so we moved out of here four years ago. And it was re­ally nice."

Now, they said, they see their neighbors leav­ing to avoid the impact of the state's immigration law. "We see friends moving to other states because they're scared about being stopped," Alvarez said. "They have small children and they're scared about being stopped for pa­pers."

Espinoza and Alvarez joined a few hun­dred people who crowded into the plaza out­side the Alabama State House on Tuesday to protest the state's immigration law, known as HB 56."

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