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To Build the American Dream 2.0, Start With Reforming U.S. Immigration Laws

Published: Feb 27, 2012 8:30 am By: Sehreen Noor Ali

"The government needs to enact reform at all levels of the entrepreneur eco-system. First, qualified foreign students need a clear and seamless way to apply for their H1-B visa upon graduation. Second, entrepreneurs who create jobs for other Americans should we rewarded. The Start Up Visa bill proposed by Senators Kerry and Lugar make this precise proposition: Any foreign-born entrepreneur can obtain a green card if their business creates five new jobs in two years and secures at least $100,000 in venture capital or angel funding. Third, the U.S. should scrap the $500,000 minimum investment under the EB-5 visa if the Start Up Visa Bill does not pass and better recognize the entrepreneur from the unskilled investor. In reality, most startups do not need that much in their initial stage. Fourth, the government should expedite processing for visas. Applicants for the employment-based green card can wait up to 70 years – it’s no wonder they prefer to go to Canada, the U.K., or back to their own country."

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