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Separated couple awaits immigration law change

Published: Mar 5, 2012 3:30 pm By: CRISTINA SILVA, Associated Press

"Agustin, 49, and Ana, 60, have been separated by the border for nearly two years. She misses his companionship and how he cared for her when she was sick. He longs to seek her counsel when something troubles him, to feel her warmth as they sleep "Without her, I am practically nothing," he said.

He lives alone in Tijuana. She lives in a small Los Angeles apartment with her younger son, an illegal immigrant, and his family. Her other child, a legal resident, lives in Las Vegas. Her three grandchildren were all born in the United States.

Every two weeks, she makes the 300-mile roundtrip from Los Angeles to Agustin's one-bedroom apartment in central Tijuana. There is no fridge, no sofa, no oven. He sleeps on an air mattress and stores his food in coolers filled with ice."

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