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Obama as "worse than Joe Arpaio" on immigration

Published: May 25, 2012 8:00 am By: Brian Montopoli

"Latinos should reconsider their support for the president over his having overseen a record number of deportations of illegal immigrants, which he describes as "a policy of massive and systematic deportations that is much more punitive than the Arizona law." He argues that Mr. Obama has been "worse than Joe Arpaio" on immigration, claiming that the president's record is worse than that of the controversial Arizona sheriff and hard-line opponent of illegal immigration who has been sued by the Justice Department over allegations of racial profiling. 

"It's pretty clear that the president is using this issue for political expediency," said Aguilar, pointing out that the president promised to use his political capital to push through immigration reform, but then focused on health care and other issues instead."

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