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Obama's immigration changes cause confusion

Esther Cepeda

Published: Aug 13, 2012 7:20 am

"It was weird then that Illinois’ Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Luis Gutierrez put out a video last Monday outlining the basics of who qualifies for the deferred action — inadvertently adding more confusion to an already anxiety-filled process.

In the video, the two legislators — who have always asked their constituents to be wary of potential immigration and “notario” fraud — warned “Dreamers” to not contact either notarios or attorneys because of stories going around about scams.

It sure didn’t take long for immigration lawyers to jump on those statements. Lory Rosenberg, a longtime immigration lawyer and judge, guest-posted “DREAMers Do Need Lawyers” on immigration attorney Mathew Kolken’s “Deportation and Removal” blog, and it spread like wildfire."

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