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Hardship Waiver Approved for Client with Criminal Conviction Published: Dec 22, 2009 Our client is a Canadian citizen. Unfortunately, she was inadmissible to the United States for life as a result of a criminal conviction for fraud. A few years ago, she met a United States citizen through the internet. Over many emails, phone conversations, and visits in Canada, they fell in love, and he proposed marriage. At this point, our firm was
Green Card Approved for Grandfathered Unskilled Worker Published: Dec 17, 2009 Our client is a citizen of India. He entered the United States without inspection in 1985 and has been residing here ever since. He applied for status as a Special Agricultural Worker. The application was denied. He appealed and the appeal was dismissed. In April 2001 we were retained to represent him. We prepared and filed an Application for Labor
Nonimmigrant Waiver Approved in Only 74 Days Published: Dec 7, 2009 Our client is a Canadian citizen. He is inadmissible to the United States for life as a result of being convicted of possessing a marijuana cigarette approximately 30 years ago. He is married, has children, is a small business owner, and is a respected member of his community. Previously, utilizing a Canadian consultant, he applied for and was granted a
Brief filed with the Board of Immigration Appeals Published: Dec 3, 2009 I just filed a brief with the Board of Immigration Appeals requesting that the Board overturn an Immigration Judge’s denial of my client’s Green Card application. The Immigration Judge found that my client was not statutorily eligible to apply for his Green Card and hinged its ruling on baseless speculation that my client had potentially made a false claim
Motion to Terminate Filed with Immigration Court in Elizabeth, New Jersey Published: Nov 25, 2009 I just filed a Motion to Terminate Immigration Court Proceedings that have been instituted against my client who is being detained in the Elizabeth, N.J. Detention Facility. My client has preliminarily established a credible fear that he will be persecuted if he is forcibly returned to his home country. He is awaiting his asylum hearing that has been
Brief Filed with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals Published: Nov 19, 2009 I just finished my brief in support of a petition for review that we filed with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. I argued that the Board of Immigration utilized an improper standard when adjudicating my client's Motion to Reopen, and that the record reflects that there was reasonable cause for my client's failure to appear at his exclusion proceedings.
Trade NAFTA Approved for Management Consultant Published: Oct 19, 2009 Our client is a Canadian citizen.  She is a consultant with 30 years of experience in her field.  However, she is not degreed.  We have obtained Trade NAFTA status for her as a Management Consultant on nine previous occasions. She has now entered into a contract with a U. S. Fortune 500 company to provide consulting services in the United States
H-1B Approval for a Lawyer Published: Oct 14, 2009 Our client is a U. S. law firm. It employs a citizen of Korea as an attorney. She obtained her Juris Doctor degree from a U. S. university and she is licensed to practice in the United States. Three years ago her employer petitioned for her in H-1B status. The petition was approved for a period of three years. The employer retained us to extend her