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Nonimmigrant Waiver Approved for Canadian Published: Sep 1, 2008 Our client is a Canadian citizen. He has been determined to be inadmissible from the United States for attempting to use a fraudulent passport to enter the United States in 1990, and because of his previous unlawful presence in the United States. He is an engineer, married to a Canadian citizen, and has three Canadian citizen children. He has resided in
Expedited Removal Order Vacated Published: Aug 27, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client applied for Trade NAFTA status as a Management Consultant at the border in Washington State. Not only was the TN denied, but an Expedited Removal Order was issued, which barred her from admission to the United States for five years. At this point she hired us. We intervened with U. S. Customs and Border Protection on her
Deportation Charges Dismissed Published: Aug 22, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client was issued an immigrant visa based upon his United States citizen father’s petition. When he presented himself for admission as a lawful permanent resident at the border, Immigration Court proceedings were instituted against him on the basis of their claim that he had committed an unspecified fraud and was a drug addict or drug
Employment Based Green Card Petition Approved Published: Aug 18, 2008 Our client is a U. S. corporation. Seven years ago it needed to fill the position of janitor. No U. S. workers were available. It located an Indian citizen without status in the U. S. and offered him the job. It applied for labor certification. It took the U. S. Department of Labor six years to certify the position. The company was then able to petition
Deportation Prevented: Client May Return to the United States Published: Aug 13, 2008 Our South African client married a United States citizen, who filed for a “green card” for him. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out and they divorced. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services then denied his application and issued a charging document instituting Immigration Court proceedings against him. He returned to South Africa before the
Deportation Prevented: Green Card Application Pending Published: Aug 6, 2008 Administrative Closure means that a case was taken off the Immigration Court’s active calendar. Our Jamaican client married his United States citizen wife after Immigration Court proceedings were instituted. We prepared a Petition for Alien Relative on his behalf and requested the Bona Fide Marriage Exemption of the two year foreign residence
Deportation Prevented: Waiver Granted by Immigration Judge Published: Aug 1, 2008 Our Jordanian clients were mistakenly granted permanent resident status 19 years ago, but never received their “green cards”. The wife’s father married a United States citizen when she was 15 years old. However, she was already married to her husband and had two children born of the marriage. Her step-mother petitioned for her, her husband and her two
Deportation Prevented, Green Card Granted by Immigration Judge Published: Jul 29, 2008 Our client is a citizen of India and has been a lawful permanent resident for 12 years. Unfortunately, he has five criminal convictions, three of which have been determined to be crimes involving moral turpitude. All of the convictions were misdemeanors and he only spent a total of 60 days in jail for all charges. He is a family man. His wife is a lawful