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Another Cancellation of Removal Win Published: Nov 15, 2018 Another cancellation of removal grant issued by the Immigration Court in Buffalo, N.Y. on behalf of our client, a citizen of Mexico. Our client is the father of two United States citizen children, and is a valued employee of a Colorado based company that depends on his highly specialized services. The government vigorously opposed our request for
Cancellation of Removal Granted Over Government Opposition Published: Nov 8, 2018 Cancellation of removal granted for a citizen of Mexico who is the husband and father of United States citizens. The weight of deportation has been permanently lifted from his shoulders, and his Green Card should be arriving within the next few weeks.
Appeal Sustained Reversing a Denial of an Application for Permission to Reapply Published: Nov 1, 2018 Our client was expeditiously removed at Boston's Logan International Airport for lack of proper documents based on suspicion of previous unauthorized employment. An I-212 was filed in October 2015, and was denied on October 10, 2017. We were retained to appeal the decision. We argued that ARO failed to set forth any basis for the denial of the I-212.
Asylum Granted For Citizen of Turkmenistan Published: Oct 19, 2018 After a two-year legal battle the immigration judge just granted our clients' applications for asylum. Our clients are from Turkmenistan, and fled the country after receiving credible death threats from government actors.
Convinced the Government to Cancel Deportation and Release Client from Detention Published: Sep 5, 2018 A review from a satisfied client: I was detained at BFDF (Batavia) for over staying after my visa extension application was denied. My employer was not aware that there was a 10 day period before which I had to leave the country. Matthew met with me at the detention facility and walked through what he intended in detail. He got me out the next day
Client Released From Custody after NTA Cancelled Published: Aug 30, 2018 Yesterday, Matthew Kolken was able to convince the head of Enforcement and Removal Operations, after first convincing Chief Counsel, to cancel a Notice to Appear prior to it being filed with the immigration court. His client was a detained H-1B overstay whose renewal petition filed by another firm was recently denied. The client was released from custody
Asylum Granted For Citizen of Pakistan Published: Aug 27, 2018 Asylum granted by the immigration judge on behalf of a citizen of Pakistan who was employed by an American corporation, and who was brutally attacked and hospitalized as a result of the expression of his pro-American sympathies.
Asylum Granted for Citizen of India Published: Aug 20, 2018 Asylum granted by Immigration Judge for our client, a citizen of India, who was severely beaten by the government for his lawful activities on behalf of a political party.