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Green Card Approved After 3rd Petition Filed and Exclusion Order Reopened Published: Dec 1, 2008 Our client is a citizen of Ghana. In 1994, he left his country and applied for asylum at New York City. Immigration Court proceedings were instituted against him and the Immigration Judge denied his asylum application and ordered him excluded from the United States. He appealed the denial to the Board of Immigration Appeals, which dismissed the appeal
Green Card Application Denials Vacated and LPR Status Granted in Portability Case. Published: Nov 6, 2008 Our client is a Canadian citizen. He was inadmissible to the United States due to a conviction of a crime involving a controlled substance. We obtained a Nonimmigrant Waiver of Inadmissi-bility for him so that he could travel to the United States on behalf of his Canadian employer which is a subsidiary of a U. S. company. Thereafter, we obtained L-1
Trade NAFTA approved after vacation of Expedited Removal Order. Published: Oct 31, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client is a qualified ManagementConsultant.  She obtained a job offerfrom a U. S.employer.  Another attorney prepared anapplication for admission in Trade NAFTA status.  She presented the application at a port ofentry in the State of Washington.  Unexpectedly, an Expedited Removal Order wasissued, barring her from the U.S. for five
Immigration Court Proceedings Dismissed Published: Oct 27, 2008 Our client is a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis. She was inspected and admitted to the United States as a visitor, and then overstayed her status. She married a United States citizen, but no steps were taken to legalize her U.S. presence. She was encountered by the Border Patrol at an airport and Immigration Court proceedings were instituted against her to
Border Denial Overcome Published: Oct 20, 2008 Our client is a dual citizen of Canada and France. He is an ordained minister of an established international church. The church petitioned to employ him as a minister in the United States as a nonimmigrant. While the petition was pending, other counsel had him seek admission in R-1 minister status at the Canadian border. He was refused due to the fact that
H-1B Extension Approved in 4 Working Days. Published: Oct 7, 2008 Our client is a stateless Palestinian. He is a Network and Computer Systems Administrator. Three years ago we had him approved in H-1B status. His employer wants him for three more years. We filed an H-1B extension application which was approved in only four working days. The employer now wants to hire him on a permanent basis.
Trade NAFTA Denial Reversed Published: Oct 1, 2008 Our Canadian client is an Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and is a Certified General Accountant. She had been admitted in Trade NAFTA Professional status as an Accountant on four prior occasions. When she applied for her status a fifth time, she was denied because she had received a promotion to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial
Cancellation Of Removal Granted Published: Sep 26, 2008 Our Yemeni client is a lawful permanent resident. His father and brother are United States citizens. His sister is a lawful permanent resident. He has a United States citizen child, who he is supporting. He was convicted of a misdemeanor for simple possession of marijuana which he allowed a roommate to store in his apartment. He was sentenced to probation