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L-1A Approval gives executive a fresh 7 years of employment Published: Jan 23, 2008 We were able to get a fresh 7 years of L-1A employment for an executive of a multi-national corporation based out of Toronto and San Francisco .  Our client had been previously granted L-1A status for 3 years, but had spent more than one year outside of the country since the approval.  L-1A executives may only be employed in the United
L-1A Approved for Function Manager Published: Jan 10, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client is employed as National Marketing Manager by a U. S. corporation.  The U. S. company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Canadian company which has several millions of dollars in annual revenues.  The product marketed is manufactured in Canada, and is sold in the U. S. by the U. S. company. Using the NAFTA, we had
Client Released from Custody without Having to Post Bond Published: Jan 8, 2008 Our client was just granted a release from custody without having to place a bond.  She will be applying for asylum because her fiancé was brutally murdered as a result of his membership in a political organization in Haiti, and his working for reconciliation among the various groups in Haiti .  Our client fears that she too will be murdered if she is
Deportation Prevented for Citizen of the United Kingdom Published: Jan 7, 2008 Our client is a citizen of the United Kingdom.  Eleven years ago she married a United States citizen and was admitted to the United States as a visitor.  She then applied for a green card.  While the application was pending, she went to Canada for a short visit, and upon her return, it was discovered that she had left the United States without
Immigration Judge Grants Green Card Published: Jan 3, 2008 An Immigration Judge in Buffalo approved an application to adjust status to lawful permanent resident for our Honduran client after trial.  Our client came to the United States legally as a visitor in 2000 and overstayed.  She met an old friend from Honduras who was a lawful permanent resident of the United States.  He had applied to be naturalized
Deportation Prevented for Spouse of U.S. Citizen Published: Jan 1, 2008 We just prevented the deportation of our client, a citizen of Australia. Our client’s first husband passed away while she was applying for her Green Card. Citizenship and Immigration Services then instituted deportation proceedings against her. After the death of her first husband our client fell in love and married for the second time. After being
Trade NAFTA Management Consultant Approved for 10th Year Published: Dec 31, 2007 Our Canadian citizen client provides Management Consultant services for the clients of a U. S. Management Consulting firm.  She is a high respected Management Consultant.  Because of the unique arrangement of the business relationship, which we had conceptualized 10 years ago, she does not have the usual one or two year limitation on Trade NAFTA Management
Immigration Fraud Case Favorably Settled Published: Dec 28, 2007 Our Canadian professional client was alleged to have committed entry fraud as a result of a Trade NAFTA application filed four years ago and was prevented from entering the United States.  Immigration Court proceedings were instituted against him at our request to obtain an Immigration Court order that no fraud had been committed because a finding of