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Deportation Prevented, Green Card Granted Published: Feb 25, 2008 We just successfully defended our client who faced deportation before the Immigration Court in Buffalo, New York. Our client narrowly escaped persecution in his native country Ghana. Back in the early 1990’s he was an election official who refused to take bribe money to stuff the ballot box at his precinct, and then spoke to the media about the incident.
Client Admitted as H-1B After 2nd Trade NAFTA Refusal Published: Feb 19, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client was twice denied Trade NAFTA status as a Management Consultant because she was going to train employees, and because she was married to a U. S. citizen. The employer then filed an application to employ her as a specialty worker in H-1B status, which was approved. We were then retained and presented her at a different port of
Green Card Approval after 6 Years Published: Feb 18, 2008 After six long years we were finally able to get a green card for our client who is stateless. Our client came to the United States as a student. After getting her masters she was hired as a network administrator for a private school in New York City. The school filed a petition on her behalf so that she was able to legally work for them. After a few
Green Card Saved: Deportation Cancelled Published: Feb 15, 2008 We just were able to save our Client’s Green Card. Our client came to the United States as a young boy from England with his parents. He was raised here, and is now in his forties. As a young man he made some mistakes, and was convicted for possession of marijuana. When he attempted to renew his Green Card he was taken into custody and was charged with
Canadian Granted Waiver of Inadmissibility Published: Feb 12, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client is inadmissible to the United States for having made a false claim to United States citizenship when previously attempting to be admitted to the United States, and had been convicted in U.S. District Court as a result. In addition, he had been previously ordered Excluded by an Immigration Judge, and was also inadmissible as a
Green Card Granted by Immigration Judge Published: Feb 7, 2008 We just won a Green card for our client who has been in the United States without status for almost twenty years.  She came to the United States as a visitor, and has a United States citizen child.  We convinced the Judge that it would cause an exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to her United States citizen child if she were not allowed to
Green Card Victory Before Immigration Judge Published: Feb 1, 2008 After over two years of contested litigation Immigration Judge Philip Montante Jr. granted our client, a citizen of India , his Green Card.  Our client first came to the United States in 2000 on a business visitor’s visa, but did not depart the United States when required.  He eventually met, fell in love, and married his wife, a United States
Deportation Charge Defeated Published: Jan 28, 2008 We were able to successfully defeat a charge of deportability against our client, a citizen of Columbia .  Our client arrived in the United States in the early 1990's as a visitor, and never left the country.  After arriving in the United States she had a relationship with a man that resulted in the birth of her United States citizen child who