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Treaty Investor Visa Granted in Six Weeks in Toronto Published: Apr 23, 2008 Our Canadian client has made a substantial investment in a large scale water purification company in the United States which employs 8 full time workers, with additional workers to be hired. The technology is both innovative and cutting edge. The investment was made through our client’s Canadian corporation. We submitted a voluminous package to the
Nonimmigrant Waiver Granted in Only Four Months Published: Apr 18, 2008 Our Canadian citizen client is inadmissible to the United States as a result of convictions for breaking and entering, theft, and possession of stolen property. He wants to enter the United States to visit family and friends. We filed an application for a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility with the Admissibility Review Office of Customs and Border
Immigrant petition for mother of United States citizen approved Published: Apr 16, 2008 Our naturalized United States citizen client retained us to obtain lawful permanent resident status for his Indian mother. The first step is to prepare and file a Petition for Alien Relative with appropriate supporting documentation. We just received the approval notice. The next step is to prepare and file an application for an immigrant visa with the
Trade NAFTA Approval as a Scientific Technician. Published: Apr 15, 2008 Our Canadian client is a skilled motorcycle technician with over 30 years of experience. He is employed by an international European company on an as needed basis to assist their professional motorcycle racing team. This application was the fifth one that we have had approved for this client to assist various motorcycle racing teams.
L-1A Approval for Canadian Citizen Published: Apr 14, 2008 We just obtained the approval of an L-1A Intra-Company Transferee petition on behalf of our client, a Citizen of Canada. Our client has a telecommunications business located in 5 countries, and he now has approval to work in an executive capacity for his United States corporation. We also obtained derivative status for his wife and three children so
Deportation Terminated, Client Applying for Green Card Published: Apr 11, 2008 After three years of contested litigation we were able to obtain the termination of immigration Court proceedings for our client, a citizen of Iran. Our client was in the United States and lawfully employed in a qualifying H-1B specialty occupation. Due to an oversight he failed to register under the now suspended NSEERS Registration Program which applied
Rescission Proceedings Terminated Published: Apr 3, 2008 The Department of Homeland Security instituted Immigration Court proceedings to rescind our Pakistani client’s “green card,” which he obtained in 2001 because they claimed that there was a misrepresentation made in his application. Rescission proceedings are rarely utilized. The proceedings must be instituted within five years of the granting of the green
Fiance Petition Granted for Citizen of Canada Published: Mar 26, 2008 Our United States citizen has had a long distance relationship with our Canadian citizen client, who is inadmissible to the United States. We filed a fiancé petition as a first step in applying for a visa. We proved the nature and extent of the relationship, as well as in-person contact between them in Canada. The Petition has just been approved and we