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Sisters from Argentina Released From Custody Published: Aug 14, 2007 We were able to obtain our clients’ release from custody yesterday under the new electronic monitoring program. Our clients, sisters from Argentina, were being held in custody without bond because they entered the United States under the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (VWPP) and did not leave the country when required. As VWPP overstays our
Petition for Alien Worker approved under American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 Published: Aug 10, 2007 We represent a Canadian citizen, who was Vice President of Sales in the United States of an international water technology company. He was employed in intracompany transferee status. The company wanted him on a permanent basis and we prepared a Petition for Alien Worker for the company. After the petition was filed, the company terminated our client.
Immigration Judge's Waiver Denial Overturned by BIA Published: Jul 24, 2007 The Board of Immigration Appeals has reversed the denial of a waiver application on behalf of our client, a citizen of Canada . Our client is inadmissible to the United States as a result of a conviction that occurred in 1997. The Canadian sentencing recommendation report from the conviction refers to our client's crime as "low end"
Deportation Prevented Published: Jul 18, 2007 Deportation proceedings where terminated in favor of our client, a citizen of Guyana . Our client has a series of minor criminal conviction that took place over ten years ago for which he only served 5 days in jail total. The government argued that he was deportable because of these convictions, but failed to provide the Court with sufficient proof
IMMIGRATION COURT PROCEEDING TERMINATED Published: Jul 16, 2007 Our Canadian citizen client was charged with being inadmissible to the United States for a period of 10 years because it was alleged that he had overstayed his Trade NAFTA (TN) status for a period of approximately one and a half years. The Department of Homeland Security instituted Immigration Court proceedings against him. Robert D. Kolken, Esq.,
Green Card Petitions Approved Published: Jul 10, 2007 We obtained approval of two Petitions for Alien Relative that our United States citizen client filed on behalf of her husband and stepson who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China. These Petitions were the second set of Petitions filed by client for her husband and stepson. She withdrew her first Petitions after being threatened with
Soldier's Wife Granted Green Card Published: Jun 30, 2007 Jaderline Jimenez, wife of missing soldier Spc. Alex Jimenez, has been granted her Green Card by Citizenship and Immigration Services. We can only hope for ther safe return of her husband.
Soldier's Wife Can Apply for her Green Card Published: Jun 28, 2007 The Office of International Affairs: Parole and Human Rights Branch, has authorized a parole of Mrs. Jimenez, which will enable Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) to adjudicated her Green Card Application. It appears as though her immigration nightmare may be coming to a close. I will keep you posted as new information becomes available.