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Soldier's Wife Saved From Deportation Published: Jun 25, 2007 Immigration Judge Philip J. Montante, Jr. signed an order today terminating the immigration court proceedings on behalf of our client, the wife of missing Army Spc. Alex Jimenez. Mrs. Jimenez entered the United States illegally on May 1, 2005. It took her 3 long hard days to walk over the Mexican/US border. Spc Jimenez is a United States Citizen by
Government Moves to Terminate Missing Soldier's Wife's Case Published: Jun 22, 2007 The wife of missing soldier Spc. Alex Jimenez may be one step closer to obtaining a Green Card. The government has filed a motion in her case requesting that the Immigration Judge terminate the deportation proceedings that are pending against her. The effect of this motion, if granted, is that the Immigration Court will no longer have jurisdiction over
BIA Vacates Order of Deportation Published: Jun 19, 2007 My client, a lawful permanent resident, was convicted under NYSPL §240.26 (Second Degree Harassment). The Immigration Judge (IJ) in Buffalo found that his conviction, a mere violation, and a lesser crime than simple assualt, consituted a crime of violence. NYSPL §240.26 is a divisible statute. The IJ, relying upon a police report, found that
CANADIAN CITIZEN ADMITTED TO US AFTER PRIOR REFUSAL Published: Jun 11, 2007 Our client is a Canadian citizen who was out of status in the U.S. for a number of years in the mid 1990s. He became a landed immigrant of Canada in October, 1997. He had been denied entry for a period of 10 years for unlawful presence. We convinced DHS that his unlawful presence bar was only three years, which ended in 2000, because he was out of status
PAROLE GRANTED FOR CANADIAN CITIZEN IN IMMIGRATION COURT PROCEEDINGS Published: Jun 8, 2007 Ordinarily, when a person is placed in Immigration Court proceedings by DHS, and such person resides outside the U.S., the person must remain outside the US unless and until an Immigration Judge orders DHS to admit him. The exception to this rule is when a person is a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. Our client is a Canadian citizen seeking admission
TN STATUS GRANTED AFTER PRIOR REFUSAL Published: Jun 6, 2007 Our Canadian citizen client is a Computer Systems Analyst. She is employed by a U.S. municipality as such. Before retaining our law firm, she was denied admission in TN status to work for the municipality. We had her application approved at the border last year, and have now secured a renewal of her status at the border so that she can continue her
BIA remands because of vacated conviction Published: May 23, 2007 Our client's conviction was vacated under N.Y. Penal Code Sec. 155.25 because his guilty plea was not "voluntary, knowing, and intelligent." The Board of Immigration Appeals Remanded. Matter of Avdel, A28-191-649 - Buffalo, May 8, 2007, unpublished. Click here to read the decision.
Client's Husband Missing in Iraq Published: May 17, 2007 Our Client, Army Specialist Alex Ramon Jimenez, a United States citizen and a Serviceman with the United States Army. who had been deployed to Iraq for his second tour of duty has gone missing. His wife remains in the United States, and her Immigration Status remains uncertain. Mrs. Jimenez’s case was administratively closed by Hon. Philip J.